Custom brokers are the professionals who help in getting your imported goods cleared at the customs without any hassle. Their main motives are:

  • To get your goods cleared in time. 
  • To file the documents on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

All in all, when you hire an experienced broker, you’re practically investing your money the right way. That said, 4 best customs services offered at firms like Clearit have been listed below. Have a look and decide which one’s the best for you. 

  • Customs Brokerage Services


The Clearit customs clearance services are available for cargo clearance at all ports. Besides, they also help with Cargos coming by road. In other words, they handle shipments arriving by:

  • Air
  • Sea
  • Trucks

For the Clearance of Air Shipments 

You need to submit the commercial purchase bill and your freight forwarder has to provide the packing list and the airway bill number. 

For the Clearance of Ocean Shipments 

You have to submit the bill of sale and your freight forwarder has to provide the packing list, manifest, and the arrival notice. 

For the Clearance of Truck Shipments 

You have to submit the bill of sale and your freight forwarder has to provide the PARS number, weight of the shipment, the port of crossing, and the time of crossing. 

  1. Car Importing Services

The car import services at Clearit Canada – offered at just 389.99 dollars – are listed below. 

  • AES/ITN Number generation 
  • Submission to Automotive Export Control 
  • Agent on site at time of crossing
  • Preparation of Customs release
  • Remittance of Duties & Taxes to Canada Customs
  • Coordination of border crossing
  • Complete Customs Accounting Documentation

If you do not want to purchase the entire package, you can buy only the ITN generation services offered at just 125 CAD. 

  1. Non Resident Importing Services

The NRI (non resident importing) services are for people residing outside of Canada and still want to import into Canada and sell their goods. The benefits of these services are given below. 

  • Profit increases since you get to manage the supply chain. 
  • Demand for your goods increases when your customers don’t have to deal with import hassles. 
  1. Customs Consulting Services

It’s a good idea to have a look at customs consulting services before actually importing the goods if you’re a first time importer. Clearit brokers can help you learn everything about:

  • Tariff treatments
  • Valuation for duty
  • Special assessments
  • Penalties and refunds
  • Duty drawbacks
  • Trade agreements
  • AMPS compliance audits
  • Document preparation
  • Tax requirements and exemptions
  • Other governmental requirements

All in all, the above listed 4 services are the best customs services that will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to importing goods in Canada. 

Brando Herman

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