How has the global pandemic affected the stock market of Apple? The recent pandemic has affected the stock markets of Apple (AAPL) in many ways. The entire Apple Inc. was affected for the whole two months due to the global pandemic. The mass production of the Apple products was put on a stop because of the spreading coronavirus in China. This affected the imports and the exports of Apple products, causing the depletion in the sales and a loss in the sales are no profits for Apple. Since most of the production of Apple products take place in China, the operations had to be seized for safety reasons for the people residing in The USA and China. This affected the stock market of Apple drastically. 0 import and exports meant no sales for Apple that is why their share and stock market rates dropped.

What did Apple do after being affected by the global pandemic as a global brand of electronics?

After the coronavirus cases in China started to decrease and come under control Apple sorry to resume their supply chain of the iPhone products and the other Apple products in China. This meant that Apple could again resume with their mouse production as well as carry on with the sales of their product. And after implementation of other precautionary measures by Apple Inc. the sales were starting come back on track and Apple recovered from the global pandemic after a whole two months of inactivity do today lockdown and other restrictions imposed by the government for the safety of the citizens. Along with the recovery of the sales of the Apple products, the Apple stock market and share market was also able to recover quickly and started increasing at an amazing rate.

How have the elections affected the stock market of Apple?

The elections have not quite affected the stock market of Apple because the president has not been selected yet as the votes are still being counted. However, there were still some problems that were being faced by Apple. Nevertheless, Apple was able to handle them because they have already foreseen some of the issues that they might potentially face, and which might affect the company as a whole as well.

What are the other challenges that Apple might be facing?

The other challenge that Apple possibly might be facing is with the big tech industry earnings; more news is yet to be disclosed on this issue. But so far, this is another issue that Apple will have to face along with other technical industries. You can get more information from AAPL stock news.

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