A one stop solution for all your finance problem – Automated Expenses, Automated Accounting, Automated Banking and Automated Invoicing.

Paperwork is no longer needed because of automation. When you have an expense management system in place, your staff will use their cell phones to collect receipts and upload them directly to the expense app. Your finance team will take over until they’ve compiled the expenses and submitted the report.

Automated accounting automates the most time-consuming aspects of an accountant’s work day, mostly in real time. These programs, which are also known as computerized accounting tools, do the number crunching and transaction monitoring for you.

Banking automation refers to a device that automates the banking process to the point where human interaction is minimized. Platform automation and branch automation are two terms used interchangeably. Using GSM and biometric authentication, a multibanking automated machine transaction device can be enabled with a single tap.

Automated invoicing is the practice of pre-scheduling invoices to be sent out at a predetermined date and time. The term cloud invoicing refers to a hybrid of cloud computing and electronic billing. This can be done with the help of sme finance software. Automated invoicing is the practice of pre-scheduling invoices to be sent out at a predetermined date and time. This can be done with the help of online invoicing software.

Monite eliminates the need for ten or more machines, saving you 50% on time and money.

  1. Monite is where you do all of your banking, payments, invoices, incoming bills, and expenses.
  2. As the month progresses, Monite automatically maps the records to transactions.
  3. Your tax advisor examines all the entries explained, organizes them and exports to Datev.

Send out proposals and invoices

  • In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to submit estimates and invoices.
  • Offers are approved electronically, and invoices are generated automatically.
  • Automated payment monitoring
  • Bills that have not been paid should be followed up on.

Organize incoming bills and settle them.

  • Invoices are sent to Monite by your staff.
  • Payments are automatically prepared by our OCR system.
  • If necessary, request adjustments to your invoice.
  • In just one press, you can review and pay your bills.

Keep track of your spending and pay your reimbursements.

  • Any purchases made using a bank card should be accompanied by receipts.
  • Keep track of your cash and travel costs, as well as any missed receipts.
  • In seconds, you can create cost reports.
  • Reimbursements can be made with a single press.

Enjoy the convenience of electronic accounting reconciliation.

  • Transactions are automatically mapped to documents.
  • There is a detailed explanation for each purchase.
  • With SKR-03 Datev groups, categorizing is easy.
  • Flexible Datev export for tax submission.

Detailed financial information

  • Connect all of your banking firms.
  • In one place, you can see all of your transactions and make payments.
  • Real-time payables and receivables, as well as a cashflow overview
  • Analytical spending across all accounts

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