Did you know that over 80% of families around the world plan their vacations together? Parents, children, siblings, aunts, and uncles all gather around to settle on the details of their next big trip.

But that doesn’t make it easy! Heck, with so many different ideas, budgets, and schedules to consider, planning a family vacation can be a struggle from start to finish. Want some help with the process?

You’re in the right place. Keep reading for our top family vacation planning tips.

Compromise on the Destination

One of the trickiest parts of any travel planning is choosing the perfect destination. After all, everyone in the family may have their own tastes, interests, and ideas. Some people may want tropical beaches, others may wish for culture, and a few might want to go trekking in the mountains.

Try to strike a balance. Choose somewhere that a) everybody can get to, b) has something for everyone, and c) won’t break the bank.

Decide Your Budget

There’s a good chance that different family members will have different budgets for the trip too. This can soon get complicated if wealthier individuals want certain things that others can’t afford (or are unwilling to pay for). Once again, compromise is key.

We suggest sitting down together to talk about money. Figure out an acceptable sum that everybody’s on board with and proceed from there! Do that in the early planning stage and everything from choosing accommodation to flights will be easier.

Decide Dates

Another crucial consideration is when you’ll go. Of course, COVID-19 has scuppered more than a few travel plans this year. But that doesn’t mean your vacation will be off the cards forever!

Assuming things start to look up soon, fast forward to a time next year and see when everybody’s available. Be sure to think about school holidays, peak-season prices, and the weather at your chosen destination too. All of these factors may impact when you decide to go away.

Book Up Early

Okay, so you’ve decided on your destination and dates. Now it’s time to book everything up. Remember, the earlier you do it, the cheaper it’s going to be…

Flights and accommodation will both increase in price (or get booked up) as time goes by. That’s why we recommend sorting this vital step out well in advance. We’re all for spontaneity and last-minute decisions, but there’s nothing worse than paying more than you needed to!

Plan Your Itinerary

It pays to put some thought into what you’ll all do on the vacation as well. You don’t need to go overboard here. Yet planning a vague itinerary will ensure that a) you don’t miss out on anything, and b) you don’t waste any time on the trip itself by working out what there is to do.

You could order a travel guide, read blog posts, check Trip Advisor, and fill out a travel itinerary template with what you discover. A bit of effort should reveal what fun is available for the whole family.

Don’t Forget These Family Vacation Planning Tips

Family vacation planning isn’t easy. Indeed, everything from choosing a destination to figuring out what to do can be a challenge. With any luck, though, these tips have revealed the best way to plan a vacation.

Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to organizing the perfect trip for your family. Would you like to read more articles like this one? Search ‘planning’ on the website now.


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