Lack of understanding of other people’s values ​​and cultures is the main cause of most conflicts. Cultural diversity promotes respect, understanding and acceptance of various cultures, while inter-culturality promises a new cultural synthesis based on the interaction of cultures of different origins.

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In recent years, the country has gradually become a host country for other cultures. Suddenly, we started living with people from very different places. The phenomena of racism, xenophobia and intolerance , encouraged by various social, political, economic or cultural factors, have become a cause for concern because the maintenance of values ​​and principles that sustain coexistence is threatened, generating violence against the most vulnerable people or those who do not conform to the norms of a majority.

The common reaction of exalting what is “ours” at the expense of what is “belonging to others” is marked by the fear of what is different, a source of discrimination and conflicts of intercultural coexistence. The cultural identity of the people who come from outside is not a factor of social exclusion in itself, it is possible that the exclusion factor is the fear that generates us approaching the different: origin, religious beliefs, age, sex, characteristics physical, sexual orientation, personality, hobbies, standard of living, etc. Make a visit to to understand the options for increasing wealth.

  • From a Culture of Peace approach, both the difference and the consequent diversity existing between people who share the same society, is understood as a source of personal and social enrichment, especially when plurality is articulated by virtue of cooperative and solidarity interactions.
  • Wealth is a concept widely used both colloquially and among social scientists who study the progress of countries or people, however, it is a concept that by its nature can be easy to confuse with others, such as income. Their difference is not trivial and, although they are related, it is important to differentiate them to understand different aspects of inequality in Mexico and in the world.

Wealth is what in economics is usually called a collection:

This is an accumulation of certain types of goods, properties, financial assets, company shares, savings accounts   (not to be confused with another collection, capital), to give a few examples. On the other hand, income is a flow, the sum of money that is earned and which is consumed, saved or made available in certain ways. The relationship between the two is that the flow of income can be converted into wealth as it is accumulated, for example, by saving it, or that the stock of wealth can be transformed into income (a good example of this is the dividends paid by shares to their holder).


Let’s imagine that we are Bruce Wayne (Batman) and we own mansions, vehicles, companies, a huge bank account. All those goods or assets constitute our wealth. Now imagine that we are Peter Parker (Spiderman) the money we get from selling our photographs is our income and, if we save for years and retire, those savings will have been transformed into “wealth” (very scarce surely).

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