Egypt is among the world’s most famous countries because of its ancient civilization, famous monuments, and pyramids. The great tombs, temples, shrines, and artwork reminds old human civilization. Numerous tourists travel to Egypt to have a look at all the wonders that this country offers.

Egypt is a cheap country. You can buy things at an affordable rate here. The property prices are also pretty low in this country as compared to other countries in the world. You can buy a cheap property in Egypt. Here is a list of the five cheapest places where you can buy affordable property with then right finance.

  1. Dahab

It is a small-town present on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. This city is thought to be one of the best diving destinations. The underwater landscapes in Dahab are among the best diving sites in Egypt. This town is growing in popularity and becoming a tourist attraction.

There are numerous properties that you can buy in this city. The price of the property is dependent upon the area and size. You can buy many cheap apartments in Dahab. Cheap property can be bought at an average price of 800,000 EGP with a quick sale.

  1. Benha Egypt

This city of Egypt is situated between the capital of Cairo and Alexandria. This city is famous for the production of attar of roses that is used for perfume manufacturing.

Benha is the focus of Egypt’s electronics business. It is a major junction in the rail network. This town is also famous for oranges and grapes. You can buy cheap property in Benha. An affordable apartment in Benha can be bought at an average price of 700,000 EGP.

  1. Kharga Oasis

It is a modernized town in Egypt. This town has all the modern facilities. Kharga Oasis is a beautiful place and has a green island in the middle of the yellow ocean.

This city is occupying one-third of the whole land of Egypt. Tourism is not at a high rate, and most of the people do normal jobs. You can buy cheap property in Kharga. An affordable apartment in Kharga can be bought at an average price of 600,000 EGP.

  1. Minya

Minya is categorized as an important Egyptian city. It is a modern city, an intermediate between upper and lower Egypt. Minya has gained importance due to fertile agricultural land and due to great cotton and sugarcane production. Minya is also famous for the production of molasses, and the governorate has many important ancient mosques and archeological sites.

You can buy many cheap apartments in Minya. Cheap property can be bought at an average price of 510,000 EGP.

  1. Desouk Egypt

This town is a member of an organization of Islamic capitals and cities. Desouk was the capital of lower Egypt. It is a small place that can be explored in one day. The town does not have many attractive places to visit, but there are many other cities near Desouk where you can visit.

This town can be the best place to buy property if you like to visit Egypt, you can buy property at an affordable rate here. Cheap property can be bought at an average price of 350,000 EGP.


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