Professional tax is applicable in many of the Indian states and has to be paid by each individual who earns above the prescribed professional tax slab. As an employer, it will be tedious for you to pay the professional tax of your and your employees every month. To overcome this issue, there is an alternative available as well. Now you can check your professional tax slab and pay professional tax online without needing to visit any municipality or other registered office for tax payment.  

Paying professional tax online is quite simple, and anyone can do that right from their home or office. 

Step by Step process of Paying Professional Tax Online

Step 1

Since professional tax is a state tax, there will be different portals or websites and professional tax slabs for each state. For instance, if you are in West Bengal, you will have to search for the page for West Bengal professional tax payment. Finding the portal is quite easy. Just search for it online by the name of your city, and you will be redirected to the official state page for the tax.

Step 2

Once the commercial tax page is opened, select your professional. You will have to choose between self-employed personnel or a registered employer. This will determine your position as a taxpayer for paying the professional tax.

Step 3

Now comes the time to enter the necessary information. To start with, you will have to enter your Professional Tax registration number and the name of your company/business. If you have more than one office, you will need to specifically mention the name of the office for which you are paying the professional tax.  

Step 4

Now you will have to choose the period up to which you want to pay your taxes. Although professional tax is deducted on a monthly basis, you can choose to pay it on a quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly basis. However, the period of payment depends on the state in which you are. So, it is important first to cross-check the timeline provided to you to make your professional tax payment.

Step 5

Specify the month or period for which you are paying the tax. This will help you keep the tax stats up to date regarding your payment.    

Step 6

Now you will have to enter the details of the bank from which you want to proceed with the payment. Carefully write down the details, and do not forget to enter your mobile number. A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile mentioning the amount paid like the professional tax. 

Step 7

Click the enter or submit button, and once the next page loads, it will automatically take you to the bank login page. Then enter the requisite account details to make the payment. 

Step 8 

Once the payment has been made, your submission of professional tax will be completed. However, a challan will be generated, which will be proof of your having made the payment. Please keep the copy of the challan with you as it might come of use in the future while tallying the account. 

As it is evident, the process of submitting the professional tax online is quite easy. However, if you still prefer the offline option, you can follow that as well. The process is more or less similar. You will have to collect the professional tax form and fill in all the necessary information. Once the form is filled, you can take it to the nearest legislative authority that accepts professional tax and submit the form along with the payment. 

The important thing to keep in mind is that you must check the professional tax slab before entering the tax amount. The wrong information is a penalizing offense, and therefore you should stay away from it. If you would like to know more about professional tax, click

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