Are you facing unpaid invoice issues in your business? Well, in this case nothing can be a great solution other than brodmin. Your invoices will be now no more remain unpaid rather your debtors will take personal initiatives in making the payments done. Not only business owners but freelancers are also being helped by this platform.

Thomas Minarik and Kris Broda are the joint founders of the concerned platform. It is very necessary to correct the payment habits and this correction can be made only with the help of this independent directory. Your business will become stable and its financial hardship will get reduced to a great extent.

Steps for reporting invoices:

Late invoices can be now reported not only for debtors but for creditors as well. There are only few steps that differ from debtors to creditors.

Reporting invoices for creditors:

  • Account registration.
  • Verification of credentials.
  • Uploading details of unpaid invoices.
  • Notification to the involved party.
  • Publishing entries.
  • Wait for creditors’ responses.

Reporting invoices for debtors:

  • Account registration.
  • Connecting to the list-owners.
  • Offering a perfect payment solution.
  • Reporting a listing.
  • Leaving comments.
  • Request of status update.

Now, a report can be easily flagged on this specific directory as a result of which both the moderators and the list-owners will received the notifications automatically. Only fake listings are allowed to be flagged. Your confidence of conducting smooth business will get increased if you receive your due payments without any delay. You can now check out the status of your account just by logging in from time to time. The moderators will mail you regarding whether your listing has been accepted or not. The listing will remain within the directory as long as the issue has been completely resolved. You can get into your account and can keep on adding or updating the listing as per requirement.

There are many people who think that the platform is into resolving the payment issue but this is completely a wrong conception. The true concept is that the platform will only maintain the list of those clients from whom you have not received your legit money or payment. The listed clients will continuously receive notifications and that might help you getting back your payments. In this case, you have to upload accurate details of the clients and you should also input your credentials correctly. Your mobile-number will be verified first and then only your account will get activated and you will receive a message about the same. The platform is not responsible in making any legal steps against the listed clients on your behalf.

An improved payment culture has been invited by brodmin that has benefitted any businesses till yet. Now, your business will not suffer financially just because of huge outstanding payments. If you have fulfilled the order received then you should receive your pay on time. This thing can be legally and ethically stimulated only by brodmin. The platform will not keep you waiting for long rather you will get your outstanding amounts quickly.