Instagram is one of the most popular social media site but creating an account in Instagram will not instantly give you followers you certainly need a clear plan for increasing your followers on Instagram. Instagram has now become one popular media where many company use to advertise their product and that is the reason why it is highly necessary to increase the followers in Instagram. In this article, we have come up with some essential ways to increase the followers in Instagram.

Ways to increase Instagram followers

The following are the ways for increasing the Instagram followers:

  • Optimize the Instagram account: The first thing that you need to do for gaining followers is to optimize the Instagram account. For optimizing the account you must write a proper bio, give image captions, proper username as well as profile image. While setting the username for your account you must keep in mind that it should be as user-friendly as possible. If you think that the name of your business is longer than you can shorten the name in such a way that the user can easily understand it.
  • Schedule the post of the Instagram: Posting at the right time on Instagram will certainly help you to give more visibility. Apart from that, it also helps you to increase the overall engagement that you receive in your Instagram account. Scheduling the content in advance also helps you to see the campaign and schedule more efficiently. With effective scheduling you can easily reach your audience and it will also help you to maintain consistent flow of content. 
  • Avoid fake Instagram followers: An Instagram account with a fake account and a legitimate one has a big difference. It is always tempting to buy fake Instagram account but if you want to get more followers for the long run then always go with the legitimate one. This is because fake Instagram account will deceive the new followers, will not create any buzz and will not give you proper Return on Investment (ROI). Hence it is always recommended to everything legitimately instead of going after the fake Instagram account. 
  • Showcase the Instagram everywhere: People will not find you themselves until and unless you promote your Instagram account. Hence, if you want to become popular the most primary thing that needs to do is to promote you Instagram account on other social media networks. One of the best ways to get discovered is to create visibility and awareness. 
  • Always post those contents that followers want: Another biggest mantra to get success in Instagram is to always post those things that your follower wants to read. Hence before you post anything on your Instagram account it is highly necessary to research what type of content your follower wants to see. You will certainly find some contents which is always better than other content. Hence before you post anything it is always better to do testing on the content. No matter whether it is filter or content or post time or caption a small thing can put a huge difference and so before you do anything you have to be very careful.
  • Getting the conversation started: Another ways to make user aware is through conversation. You can engage the consumer with content like photos, videos, text. As per a research it is found that, 68% of the consumer likes to view the images, 50% of the consumer likes to view video and only 30% want to read text. Hence, you should create the content in such a way that fits the audience. 
  • Finding hash tag: Hash tag is one of the most essential tools that help you to extend your social reach. As a businessman or a marketer you will always want to build your community and you can do that by buy real Instagram likes and it can be done through the hash tag. However, for the starter hash tag may not be too populated but it is very useful for the experienced players. If you want to highlight your content in the sea of millions of pictures or videos then you have no other way other than hash tag. Hence hash tag has now become very essential for all Instagram account holders.
  • Making the Instagram followers happy: Last but not the least you have to make the Instagram followers happy. Your popularity will not grow until and unless the audiences are happy with your service. Many Instagram are legitimately designed for bringing smile to the followers.   



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