If you find yourself wanting to grow your small business into a larger business, there are several areas you can look at to help this happen. Here are a few things to focus on when working to expand your business.

Find New Opportunities

It’s natural to want to increase the volume of business you do in the areas you already work in, but also consider if you can expand into adjacent markets. Whether that’s developing a new product line or finding new service niches to operate in, diversifying your income streams can give you a little extra insurance in slow business times. When you’re first starting to expand, it can feel daunting to consider hiring new employees to cover the extra work, especially if you’re not completely certain the new venture will succeed. Staffing firms Boston can be a great way to bring on temporary employees as you get started.

Automate What You Can

Customer management systems make tracking business transactions and contacts straightforward. There are many options, so pick one that has the features you need. As your business grows and you have more customer information to keep track of, this type of automated system is a much easier way to handle the data than tracking everything by hand.

Sales funnels are another great area to automate. Once you’ve designed a sales funnel for your products or services, it’s an automatic system that takes your potential customers from first contact all the way through, ideally, to the point of sale. Making this multi-step process happen on its own frees you and your employees up to work with the customers who have come through the funnel and actually want to pay you for your goods or services.

Form Partnerships

If your company’s products or services are a natural fit with a different type of product or service, it can be beneficial to partner with a company whose business complements your own. Once you’ve figured out the areas where you think partnership makes sense, you can begin to identify businesses within those areas that you’d like to work with. With a partnership in place, you both benefit from having access to the other’s customer base. In addition, you can pool marketing budgets and staff to increase your reach as you attempt to gain more customers.

When you’re ready to do the work of expanding your small business, be sure your efforts are focused on the right things. Work on these areas as a solid base for business growth.


Arthur Sweat

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