Neither it is easy nor is it cheap to set up a restaurant. You need to do a lot of things before starting a restaurant business such as you have to look for the right place, buy the necessary kitchen essentials, hiring the staff, etc. While you will open up a restaurant it is obvious that as an owner you will always want to get the return of investment and want to make a steady profit. But there is one disadvantage in opening a restaurant in one place as you will only be able to serve the walk-in customers of your locality. But if you have to make money then you have to deliver food to the customer’s door without any restriction of any geographical area. You have to do something and implement some technique so that the customer does not necessarily need to come to your restaurant physically and have the meal you have in your restaurant rather the customer should have the facility to order the food sitting comfortably at their home or office and getting the food at their doorstep. One such way is to build afood delivery app. But the biggest question is how to make money with food delivery app.  Hence in this article, we have come up with some essential ways to make money with the food delivery app.

Ways to make money with food delivery app

The following are some effective ways to monetize your food delivery app and make money from it:

  1. Delivery fees:You can make some revenue by delivering a meal to the customer’s place. You can charge the delivery fees and the cost of delivery fees will be based on the location of the customer. Hence for a different reason, the cost of the meal can be different.
  2. Extra charge for the Peak hours:You can also charge some extra money if the customer orders in the peak hours. For example, there may be some menu items that are limited to a particular period of the day, and if the customer orders that particular menu item beyond that time then they have to pay some extra amount for that.
  3. Transaction commission: You can have an agreement with some of the restaurants that you will deliver the food of their customers and can earn a commission from the restaurants. For example, the owner of the food delivery app and the restaurant may agree on a commission of 10% on every order. In such a case the owner of the restaurant will have to give a 10% commission onthe total amount of the order for each delivery.
  4. Advertisement on the food delivery app: Another great way to make money is to allow the restaurants to advertise on your food delivery app and earn some revenue for advertising.The restaurant that will pay for the advertisement will be displayed at the top of the search result in the app for a particular period. The customer generally prefers to order from those restaurants which they will get in the top list and hence it is a win-win situation for both the restaurant owner and food delivery app owner.
  5. Email campaign:Whenthe customer will login to your food delivery app to order any food item you get their contact details. With that, you can create a pool of contact lists and once the database is created you can approach the restaurants for sending an email campaign about the limited-time offer, promotions, new features of the restaurant, etc. These types of an email campaign can yield more sales for the restaurant and hence you can earn some commission from the restaurants.


Thus in this article ,you have learned how to earn money just by delivering the food from the restaurant to the customers. Nowadays people love to order food from their home rather than going to a restaurant and they will never mind giving you some extra money for getting their food delivered to their home. If the customer gets the food at their home or office that they have ordered they do not need to drive up to the restaurant for eating and can enjoy the food with their whole family. So the customer will never mind spending a little money on the home delivery option since they would have spent the price in the name of transportation. Hence as long as your food delivery app can collaborate with various restaurants and it remains popular among the people you can continue to earn money as a commission, delivery cost, etc.

Clare Louise

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