We all know about the precious and real metal market for its historical background and good returns. When you invest gold, platinum, silver then they offer a good return on your investment. These metals especially gold is a time-tested, long-term commodity of wealth and quality while falling into a market crash. However, a market crash is a panic situation for an investor. People buy gold to keep and preserve their assets and they continue to make money from this investment. Metal assets are a thing that helps people in stock market crashes like coronavirus, financial, etc. Through this article, you will know everything about regal assets. So without wasting time let’s start.

Advantages of regal assets

Great track record- Regal Assets offer a flawless track record and also provide 99% of customer satisfaction.

Flat rate fees– however, all the retirement accounts charge a fee of $250 irrespective of the value that they hold. The fees are none for precious metal for the first year but after this year fees are chargeable.

Segregated storage facility– instead of store your valuable metals along with other client’s investment, you get a separate storage facility that keeps and hold your bars, coins, and billions in different space. Though, may you be surprised to know that regal assets charge only 150$ annually for this service.

Brisk shipping and processing– with the regal assets, you can assure yourself that your metal will arrive at your doorstep when you want to withdraw a part or whole of your bullion from your store within a week. If any company fails to do that then they offer a free silver American eagle coin.

Why you should select regal assets

This offer a number of storage option backed up by insurance at the most affordable price.

  • They always put their customer first and provide all important information before moving ahead with their hard-earned money or metal to be invested.
  • They keep Great transparency about everything such as fee charges and commission.
  • Regal assets are not pushy in their sale method and strategy, unlike their competitor in the market who manipulate their customer to invest in collectible because they pay a higher fee. However regal assets are assured high purity bullion for IRA, which is approved by the IRS.

If you want to set up a retirement portfolio and invest an IRA then there are companies you can trust. The regal assets have integrity along with genuine and expert care for their customer.

Steve Gordon

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