The mortgage rates keep fluctuating; therefore, the lenders all over the nation try to provide a list of updated Mortgage rates in Charlotte on a weekly basis. This helps the consumers to get a fair idea about the rates and decide how and under which rate they would like to get the loan. These rates are based on this week’s rate review by the lenders and are fairly correct. Some of the fixed and fluctuating rates are as follows:

  • 11% for a 30-year mortgage
  • 54% for a 15-year mortgage
  • 33% for a 5/1 ARM mortgage

Conventional mortgage loan

If you want to buy a home in Charlotte, there are plenty of options available for you. All you need to do is particular research work. This research work will help you to get an idea about the Mortgage rates in Charlotte, the advantages that come along with the option of buying the house, and facilities that are often provided to the new home buyers. There are plenty of assistance programs that make your job easy and affordable. To be qualified for a conventional mortgage, one needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The minimum credit score should be 620
  • DTI should not exceed 45%
  • 10% down payment

FHA mortgage loan

When one is unable to qualify for the conventional mortgage loan, they can apply for an FHA loan. However, it is required that the buyer has a fair knowledge of the Mortgage rates in Charlotte before they think of applying for any kind of loan. The FHA loan has the support of the Federal Housing department. The buyer needs to meet certain requirements to be able to get the loan. Those requirements are as follows:

  • The minimum credit score should be 500
  • A 10% down payment needs to be made
  • DTI should be in the range of 31 to 41%


It is advised that the borrowers should focus on their financial status before going for any kind of mortgage. They need to recognize and compare the Mortgage rates in Charlotte and see if it works for them. If it does not, they can wait until the rates change and match their financial status. This will save them from going bankrupt just because of a house. The buyers need to understand that he has a family that needs to be looked after. Therefore, they need to do some research compare the rates, and then only take the decision.

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