“…but lab-made diamonds Australia aren’t real, right?

“I heard they contain poisonous chemicals!!”

“So what if they’re cheap? I bet they won’t last as long as the real ones”

Lab-made diamonds Australia are basically glass, you know!”

Before you believe all these baseless rumours, allow us to shed some light into the matter. So without further adieu, let’s jump right into the myths and facts.

Myth 1: Lab Grown Diamonds are not real Diamonds

Well, that depends a lot on your definition of “real”. If to you, anything real is “natural”, then you’re right. They are not naturally heated and compressed into diamonds. But if you’re a more science-ey person, then actually there is no difference between Lab Diamonds and the real ones. Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“Synthetic diamond (also referred to as a laboratory-grown diamond, laboratory-created diamond, or cultured diamond) is a diamond made of the same material as natural diamonds: pure carbon, crystallized in anisotropic 3D form. Synthetic diamonds are different from both natural diamond, which is created by geological processes, and diamond simulant, which is made of non-diamond material.”

So there’s your verification. There is no chemical difference between the two.

Myth 2: Lab Grown Diamonds contain harmful chemicals

The answer is yes and no. High-Quality Lab Diamonds are almost identical to real ones. But if the process quality is low then it may cause some issues, even though the chances are very slim.

Myth 3: Lab Diamonds are cheaper

Yes, they are. According to Reuters, At the very beginning of lab diamonds gaining momentum in the market,  a 1-carat lab diamond cost about $4000 while an equivalent mined gem sold for $6000. But since then the price has dropped more and more down to nearly just $800 a carat.

Myth 4: Lab Diamonds don’t last as long as mined ones

On face value, Lab Diamonds last just as long as the real ones. If a high-quality Lab diamond is placed next to a real one, it is impossible for the human eye to spot any difference. The same can be said for durability.

Myth 5: Lab Diamonds are eco friendly

There are different opinions regarding this issue. While people are leaning towards lab diamonds because of the unethical means of Diamond Mining, recently there have been questions about the creation process of Lab Diamonds. A report from the Diamond Producers Association claims that the carbon-intensive process of producing lab diamonds actually makes natural diamonds a better option.

Myth 6: Lab-grown diamonds are a bad financial investment

In a sense it’s true. Lab-grown diamonds have almost no resale value, while real diamonds can be sold at a minimum of half of its buying price. There are speculations that if lab-grown diamonds are mass-produced, the overall value of a diamond will degrade, jeopardizing the entire Diamond Industry. On the other hand, if we look at it from a personal perspective, now diamonds are available to people with lower budgets

What other myths have you heard about? Let us know!

Steve Gordon