Like most of the hustlers of the modern world, I, too, have always wondered for ways to make money from home. However, my search ended when I found out about Youtube and its potential to make serious money. I just have started and reached from 0 to 200 subscribers now. This small journey of mine has been primarily exciting, and I’ve gained some precious knowledge about growing on Youtube.

I know several other people like me want to start their channel but are hesitant. This article is for all those people who want to find the first-hand experience of Youtube. I’ll try to brief and share what I have learned from Youtube as we move along. I’m determined that you’ll find it interesting and valuable.

What Inspired Me?

The first and prime factor of my inspiration was money and hunger to prove myself. However familiar it may sound, this is so far the best reason to start. The need to support my family financially pushed me to put in those extra efforts and give my best. I also had this urge to do good in life and make my stand.

It was Youtube that came out as my savior. I followed some YouTubers closely and noticed all their handwork and efforts getting rewarded. Now all the support from my viewers and those cherishing comments inspire me daily to go out and give my best.

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How I Started and Found my Way around?

One day out of the blues, I had this idea to start my channel on Youtube. At that, I didn’t have any idea how I would make money from it and what my content was going to be. Then I started following some famous YouTubers in the game. I did my research and learned about making videos and earning from Youtube.

I used to record videos of my journeys and capture the beauty of the places I visited. Then, I turned this passion into a profession and started recording professional videos of all the beautiful places I could find. After editing those videos and processing them, I then uploaded them on Youtube, and it has been going on ever since then.

My Journey So far

From hatred and rejection to some incredible fan support, it has been a roller-coaster ride. Initially, it was pretty hard to receive an audience, and the stats on videos were not so great. After uploading three videos over one month, I got only 50 subscribers. I then started researching how to improve my performance.

I considered it best to strengthen my arsenal and all the information I could find. There are thousands of videos giving various suggestions. Some of them were pretty handy and proved beneficial. Now I have 200 subscribers, and my channel is growing at a reasonable rate.

Now, I am loving the journey and even more the process of making these videos. My viewers have started appreciating my efforts, and it can be noticed in the comments and likes.

What are my Suggestions for the Beginners?

Don’t be afraid to experiment is what I’ve learned through these days. My main suggestion to beginners is to stay strong, keep pushing hard, and trust the journey. Being afraid of failure is only going to pull you down. If you are coming to Youtube, you need to have patience and a clear conscience.

Do all your research and follow the major players of the game. Choose your content wisely as there are thousands of creators on Youtube. You don’t want to compete with those who are already established.

Also, eventually if you want to get faster, you can buy some subscriber. Of course, doing so would be a bit taking the fast lane, but if that’s your goal I don’t see nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t harm your growth. Therefore, get only real people from real marketing companies such as lenostube. (not an affiliate link, just a good company!)

How to Overcome Setback and Rejections?

Anyone who says Youtube is easy money is fooling you. I also had some severe setbacks and solid rejection from the audience in the beginning. The best thing to do after a setback Is to take some time off, go out in the open and think about what went wrong.

Make a mistake, learn from it and improve yourself. This way, you keep learning and refining yourself. Each day is a new challenge, be prepared and find your solutions. Those negative comments will blow away with time; don’t focus too much on them.

When considered from my perspective, with some hard work and constant approach, you will indeed find your way to your destiny. Just remember to stay humble and appreciate the audience’s support. I hope you enjoyed my expedition and found the answers you were looking for.

Brando Herman

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