Among the top cryptocurrencies that are available, PIVX tops the list which uses the protocol of Zerocoin. It tops the cadre due to its privacy settings. Yes, it makes sure it’s trustworthy between the two parties, however, no transactions are recorded and released publicly. Overall, PIVX is a currency that is not very complex and is able to be managed easily. And also uses SwiftX to allow instant transactions. 

Whereas, when comparing PIVX vs DASH, Dash was introduced in the year 2004. Initially, it focused on merchant seller/buyer payments and it’s adding more features. Such as Budgeting and master network features and lots more. 


When you look into PIVX, it’s a tradable and redeemable cryptocurrency that is available. You can compare it with Bitcoin or Ethereum and as a customer, you can purchase these PIVX and store it safely in wallets. And through PIVX, back to back transactions can take place whether it’s sending or buying money through a merchant. There are a lot of features when compared between PIVX vs DASH.

PIVX features:

  • The timing for transactions takes much lesser time which is less than a second
  • The community with PIVX is quite stronger, privacy is quite stronger and has lots of freedom too. 
  • Transaction fees are quite lesser and it is good to go for microtransactions.
  • When compared PIVX vs DASH, PIVX is considered to be under the GLobal community and is available in 30 languages. 


When you look into DASH cryptocurrency, it works more or less similar to Bitcoin. And this gets distributed in a very wider network with a wide range of transfers and new coins too. All these transactions happen in a transparent way. It has special features during disposal which includes Instantsend as well as Private send. 

Instant send as it clearly signifies transactions happens instantly as little as 4seconds. Whereas Privatesend helps to protect the safety of the users and uses a specific algorithm similar to Bitcoin. 


When compared between PIVX vs DASH, DASH was introduced to implement the proof of stake method. It’s more or less similar to Bitcoin and it’s quite affordable, faster and easier to manage and transfer funds. Whereas PIVX is a decentralized privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that is used for locking coins and to earn rewards too. And PIVX uses proof of stake as a whole, wherein DASH uses only 50%.

The availability and supply of the coins range from $9 million for DASH whereas for PIVX is $56 million.

Therefore, when you compare PIVX vs DASH, both have unique separate features and working mechanisms quite differ. So, do extensive research and go ahead with the cryptocurrency you would love to. However, PIVX was brought into existence quite later after DASH, which has features combining DASH and Blockchain architecture. Among the top cryptocurrencies, both play a good role and before getting into it, deep research will help you better. 

Brando Herman

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