If you worked in an office in the past and are now working from home, chances are that the shift to remote work has been a major life adjustment. Taking the following steps may help you to stay focused and keep your spirits up.

Get Dressed Each Morning

One of the most obvious advantages to working from home is that putting together professional outfits each morning is no longer a concern: you can put on whatever makes you feel comfortable. Nonetheless, no matter what you choose to wear, changing out of pajamas each morning can go a long way towards maintaining a sense of normalcy and boosting productivity (even if you decide to go with sweatpants).

Take Regular Breaks

Working for a full eight hours straight, day in and day out, without taking any time to step away can lead to burnout. It’s a good idea to take a short break every hour or so to stretch, drink water and perhaps take a walk around the block. Additionally, make sure that you don’t forget to eat lunch! Working from home gives you plenty of flexibility to prepare a quick and nutritious meal.

Stay Connected with Colleagues

Remote work can make it more difficult to maintain any kind of social connection with coworkers. Consider setting aside the first or last few minutes of each meeting for non-work-related conversation to keep your team’s collegiality strong. If everyone is willing, weekly or monthly virtual happy hours may be an effective way to boost morale.

Working from home has many pros, including the lack of a dress code or commute, but there are also some downsides to not being able to interact with colleagues in person. Focus on getting through one day at a time, and try to be kind to yourself. Even in the best of circumstances, changing your daily routine in such a major way is bound to have an impact.