South Africa has now become the land of opportunity for people for the investor, and businesspersons. The growth in intra-regional trade in Africa, new emerging entrepreneurs, and easy access to co-working space in Nairobi and other major cities of the African Countries is the sign that shows the growth potential of South Africa. Here are the best business opportunities in Africa that you can grab and earn millions in Profits:

  • Outsourcing

According to stats, the BPO is going to become $52 billion in market size in the year 2022. Countries like India and the Philippines have already benefited from the IT revolution. Now is the time for South African Countries, like Kenya.  The cost of infrastructure in Kenyan Cities like Nairobi is low, and one can even find the Coworking Space Nairobi to set up the BPO centers easily. 

  • Film Production And Distribution

South African film industry is the second largest film industry after the Bollywood (INDIA). With the onset of the video-on-demand platform, like Netflix, the South African film industry is improving the distribution and production quality of Films. One can say the industry is going to see a boom in the coming future, where the African film industry is going to show the world some great stories. 

  • Healthcare

Africa bears about 25% of the global disease, despite being 15% of the world population. The continent has always needed solutions in the health care sector. Now many young entrepreneurs are working to change the scene by coming up with a creative solution for the problem, like offering private health insurance. Investing in health care in South Africa can be the best business opportunity you can grab in your life. 

  • Digital Financial Services

The Baking Sector in Africa is underdeveloped. About 60% of African adult populations do not have a bank account, but about 350 million South African people own a smartphone. Therefore, we can say the digital financial service has a bright future ahead, as it is the solution to the banking problem that African people are suffering from for a long time. 

  • Music

There is a lot of opportunity in the Music Industry across Africa. Nigeria alone is looking to grow its music sales to about $88 million, in the year 2019. Also, growth in the music industry is a positive sign for a sector like movies, fashion, and art, as the growth of these sectors is interdependent.

Arthur Sweat

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