First, checking the value chain can be a good starting point to be able to analyze your company, competitors and how value systems are inserted in this dynamic. From this, managers can assess the company’s strengths in the market and what needs to be changed.

In addition, it is a flexible model, which can be adapted to meet the peculiarities of your business. The value chain can be used as a way to complement the analysis, allowing a more in-depth assessment and understanding of internal and external strengths and weaknesses.

How to use the value chain to your advantage?

The value chain can and should be used by organizations as a way to generate benefits and competitive advantages. However, for this, it is essential to follow some steps for the value chain analysis to be well done. Follow below.

Identify activities linked to primary functions

It is essential to identify possible sub-activities that are linked to the primary functions of the company and that generate value, whether directly (by themselves), indirect (support the main activities to function normally) or quality assurance (allow that the main functions are fulfilled within the quality standards established by the business).

Identify the links between tasks

Remember that all activities that generate value are, in some way, interconnected with each other (hence the chain name). Visualizing this is critical for you to understand how a particular activity impacts the next point in the process. That way, you know where to start optimizing production and understand the variables that affect each sector.

For example, the financial sector is directly connected with the purchase of inputs from suppliers. If you want to optimize this second stage, you need to evaluate the first one rigorously as well.

Look for opportunities

In order to increase the value of your business, it is essential to observe and monitor existing opportunities. For this to occur, it is necessary to review the activities and subactivities found in the previous items and observe at which points they can be altered, changed or even eliminated to achieve greater efficiency and cost reduction , without affecting the quality of the production.

Remember that optimization cannot only, but must go far beyond cost. It is often necessary to invest in issues that weigh a little more on the budget, but that will bring more value to your organization in the long run, transforming spending into investment. For value chain model, you can Visit the website and have the best results there.

Observing the value chain as a whole, including the logistical processes, is essential to know exactly what affects your end customer, how it affects you and what must be done to optimize this issue within your company. From this, it is possible to achieve better results and leverage not only the profitability of the organization, but also improve its image in the market.


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