Using social media hashtags might be common for you. However, did you know that you can grow your digitalasset by choosing the right hashtags and registering them on a Binance Smart Chain? At Tagprotocol, you have a wonderful opportunity awaiting you, where you can register hashtags under your name. This platform uses a data driven intelligent mechanism, that analyzes the performance of the hashtags you choose. Over time, you can accumulate digital wealth and exchange them for Coins. In a nutshell, you can transform your preferred hashtags into NFTs. 

What makes Tagprotocol the first NFT platform of its kind?

Tagprotocol is a unique platform, where the users can enjoy mining of Tagcoin by registering potential hashtags against their names. In case you manage to choose the right hashtags, you would be the gainer on the long-term basis. Besides, you can participate in hashtag auctions, or stake them. Tagprotocol uses an intelligent system, that helps to evaluate the performance of the selected hashtags on Twitter. Based on this performance, you would be gaining the monetary rewards. Besides, one can also exchange Tagcoin for bitcoin or cryptopunk. The hashtags that you choose to own get registered on the Binance Smart Chain. Now, people registering the hashtags earlier would have a better chance to capitalize on the opportunities.

This is an ETH platform, and you simply need to calculate and make your move. Of course, the results and benefits would be long-term. The approach for evaluating the performance of hashtags is data driven. Besides, the system is completely decentralized, which makes it easier to keep a track of the hashtag performance. There’s no chance of manipulation, and this is exactly the benefit of a decentralized system based on blockchains. Once you register the hashtag, you would be able to participate in auctions and eventually sell them off at a high profit margin in the coming years.

It is likely that the hashtags would increase in valuation in future. This would open up the opportunities for you to exchange them and buy Tagcoins. To make the most of these opportunities, you need to register the potential hashtags.

Unique features of Tagprotocol

  • For the first time, you have data-driven NFTs
  • This is also the first such platform, where you can convert hashtags to NFTs
  • The DAO is decentralized, ensuring transparency
  • Cryptominers have a great opportunity on this platform
  • The users can benefit from staking and auctioning of hashtags here
  • You can benefit from hourly yields from the Twitter-based performance
  • Given that there’s no presale, a fair game awaits the users
  • There would be a deflation with halving every year, thanks to a strong Tokenomic

It would be wise to claim the ownership of the most promising hashtags as NFTS, which you can eventually trade. Of course, you would be willing to purchase them as long as the prices are low. Therefore, users who register early might be able to benefit the most. Later, you can earn in several ways on this platform. The faster you register the hashtags, the more extensive would be your profit margin.

Brando Herman

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